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Trevor Allen Of Skye Hi Farms Our Free Range Turkey Supplier

trevor allen skye hi farms free range turkey

Since Windsor specializes in free range and organic products, we carry Skye Hi Farms free range turkeys. We like the product so much we had a short chat with Trevor Allen, owner and operator of Skye Hi. Skye Hi Farms are the only certified free range turkeys in Canada.

The family owned farm is located in Yarrow in the Fraser Valley between Abbotsford and Chilliwack. Trevor started over twenty years ago when he was 16 with only 150 turkeys assisted by a few friends.

Skye Hi turkeys have the benefit from what they don’t have, no medication, antibiotics or growth hormones are used on the birds. They are fed a diet of grain and grass from pastures they roam in. According to Trevor, Skye Hi Farms offer consumers a viable choice supermarket turkeys, “It’s also about animal welfare. Our birds are outside and move around of their own free will. They are more relaxed, less stressed, breath fresh air and feed on the grass around them.”

windsor meats skye hi free range turkeys

Skye Hi adheres to the highest standards and backs up their claims.
“Our farm is 3rd party certified. An auditor accredited by the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) goes to our farm for inspection. He checks the pastures to make sure the turkeys actually get to move around the area and checks our feed bills to make sure they are from approved sources.” says Trevor.

Being a mindful farmer also has benefits besides treating animals humanely. As people becoming more knowledgeable about the food they eat and the benefits of free range Trevor has seen his business steadily increase by about 10% a year. He personally delivers the product directly to the stores and has a hands on approach to his business.

You can get high quality Skye Hi turkeys at Windsor Meats. We recommend calling ahead and ordering early as we often run out.

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