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How To Make A Turducken

Want to buy a turducken in Vancouver instead of doing all the work below?

Call Windsor Meats during business hours, Mon. to Sat. 9am – 6pm, Sunday 12 to 6pm: 604-872-5635 or use the contact form here:

First, you take a 12 to 14 lb turkey.

Debone it, leaving the thighs.

Lay it out flat.

Get your stuffing ready. That’s our house made sausage filling and bread stuffing.

Place a layer of the sausage meat inside the turkey.

Now grab your duck. About 2 lb size.

Debone the duck, leaving out the legs. Place a layer of bread stuffing on top of the sausage stuffing, then lay the duck on top.

Place a layer of sausage and bread stuffing on top of the duck.

Debone a chicken, leaving out the thighs and wings. Keeping mostly the breast and the very top of thighs.

Truss that whole bird concoction up tightly and you’re done. Cooking time varies depending on size but you can follow our turducken recipe here. Baste regularly during the first few hours to keep the breast moist. If you want to avoid the hassle, we can do all this for you. Just call us and order ahead as these things are in hot demand during the holidays.

Want to buy a turducken instead of doing all this work?

Order Your Turducken from us.
Phone during business hours, Mon. to Sat. 9am – 6pm: 604-872-5635

Go to our turducken order page for details on how to cook your turducken.


3 Responses to How To Make A Turducken

  1. Hi,

    How much would it cost for a Turducken – WITHOUT SAUSAGE MEAT – that’s big enough to feed about 16 people for Christmas dinner? With some leftovers – hahaha! I’m hoping that all the products you use for this are no antibiotics at least and organic at most?

    Secondly, do you ‘brine’ turkeys and sell them? I used to live in Washington State and we used to get this absolutely delish brined turkey that tasted kinda cured every Christmas. Yummy! If you do, a price for that would be great too.


  2. Hi Leslie,

    Thanks for commenting.

    A free range turducken would cost approximately $200 for that size.
    We do brine turkeys, it’s a 10 dollar charge for brine.

    Hope that answers all your questions and we hope to see you soon.


  3. Wow, love it. Never had any idea how to do this. I’m becoming a real Canadian soon, maybe a turducken is in order!
    Thanks for the how to’s. Useful info guys.