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Sharif Fahmy Of Tatanka Plains, Our Bison Supplier


As a supplier and promoter of free range, medication free meat, Windsor has been carrying bison for a long time. It is a natural, safe and healthy source of red meat with low calories and fat. More people are trying bison for the first time or they see it on a restaurant menu and are curious about it.

In our ongoing series where we interview our suppliers who specialize in free range and medication free animals, we discuss bison with Sharif Fahmy of Tatanka Plains.

Windsor: Sharif, where is the ranch located?

Sharif: The Ranch is just north of Kamloops, BC.


How many bison do you keep there?

Sharif: It depends on the season and when we cull the animals. Typically, we have 150 to 220 bison at any one time.

Windsor: What are the benefits of eating bison vs beef?

Sharif: Bison meat is nutritionally superior red meat; lower calories, less fat and is lower in Cholesterol.It is the highest in iron and protein compared to beef, chicken,pork or even fish.


Windsor: What is the difference between raising cattle vs bison?

Sharif:  Bison are much heartier animals and are free to roam, feeding on grass. They survive well in the wild and are more resistant to diseases. They are generally lower maintenance animals to raise. The bison is intelligent, curious, very majestic and challenging to handle. They are strong herding animals and if not kept together, a lone Bison will do anything to get to other bison to satisfy its need for a herd. Most bison ranchers learn to use low-stress careful techniques when handling these unpredictable animals. By nature, if you’re eating bison, you’re eating organic; it is raised naturally without growth hormones, steroids, drugs and has no chemical residue.


Windsor: What do you think is the biggest misconception people have of bison?

Sharif: People are often surprised that bison has a sweeter and richer taste than Beef. Consumers often think bison tastes gamey like elk, moose or deer but it is not. Bison meat is a flavourful, tender and lean red meat alternative. You can cook bison exactly the same way as beef, grilling, stewing, roasting or made into burgers.  If you like beef, you’ll love bison.


Windsor: Thanks for chatting with us Sharif. Final question, how often do you eat bison?

Sharif: Almost Every day!

Bison is becoming increasingly more popular as people find out about the health benefits of eating bison and it’s great taste. High end restaurants have caught onto this already and you can experience a memorable eating experience yourself by trying BC raised Tatanka Plains bison from Windsor Meats.



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