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Alberta’s Spring Creek Premium Beef At 15% Off

Windsor Quality Meats want to introduce everyone to one of our finest products, Spring Creek beef by offering 15% off for the rest of the month!

Spring Creek is premium Canadian beef raised without antibiotics or added hormones. The fourth-generation, family-owned ranch is located in the heart of pristine Alberta farming country to produce tender, flavourful beef that offers a unique blend of savory flavor and nutritional benefits.

Their cattle thrives on open pastures with free access to forage. To develop its wonderful flavour Spring Creek beef is known for, during the last few months, Spring Creek Ranch animals are fed a diet of silage (which is a grain crop such as barley where the entire stalk is chopped while still green) along with some rolled barley, grain that was combined when ripe. This gives the beef the beautiful marbling and enhances the flavour, juiciness and tenderness.


  • Outstanding Angus genetics (Spring Creek Cattle are a custom Angus/mixed breed)
  • Fed a wholesome diet of forages and rolled barley
  • No added hormones, additives, antibiotics, or steroids – ever
  • Compassionate animal care
  • Accountability and traceability

Now you can get this premium Canadian beef at 15% off. That means 15% off on:

  • ribeyes
  • strip loins
  • sirloin
  • ribs
  • inside round
  • stewing beef
  • lean ground

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