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Windsor Thanksgiving Features

Your Thanksgiving Turkey, Ham or Turducken Now

thanksgiving turkeys turduckens vancouver

  • Grain Fed 12-25 lbs
  • Free Range 13-18 lbs
  • Turkey Breast Roll
  • Turkey Thigh Roll

Gravy stuffing and sausage stuffing will be available on a first-come first serve basis at the shop and can be picked up alongside your order.

Base Free Range Package
Our Free Range Package consists of a free range, hormone free turkey from Skye Hi Farms in the Fraser Valley, a free range duck and a Maple Hills hormone free chicken. The combined weight is around 13 to 14 lbs for $200. This is usually enough to feed about 12 to 15 people.
(All turducken orders must be prepaid.)
Additions, $5 Each
  • Sausage stuffing
  • Bread stuffing
  • Bacon wrapped across the breast
  • Johnstons Smoked Ham Sold as a Whole 20-22 lbs, Half 8-12 lbs, Quarter 4-6 lbs
    Bone in Smoked
    Boneless Quarters
  • Gelderman Farms Ham (vegetable diet, antibiotic free, Abbotsford based)
    Sold as a Whole 20-22 lbs, Half 8-12 lbs, Quarter 4-6 lbs
  • Green Ham/Pickled Raw bone in or Boneless

Prime Rib, Duck 

  • Prime Rib
  • Dry Aged Prime Rib
  • Duck

Feeding Directions 
1-1.5 Lbs per Person
10 lbs 5+ ppl
11-16 lbs 7+ ppl
17-20 lbs 10+ ppl
21-24 lbs 15+ ppl
25+ lbs 20+ ppl

Hams 22-24lbs
whole 20+ ppl
Half (½) 10+ ppl
Horseshoe (1/4) 5+ ppl

Prime Ribs
1 Bone for every 2 ppl with leftovers or without for big eaters.
Fat Cap available on request.

How to Order Our Items

Phone during business hours, Mon. to Sat. 9am – 6pm, Sun. 12pm – 6pm: 604-872-5635
NOTE: We need about 2 days notice to prep turduckens and certain other items for you.
We will be closed for the holiday Monday but will have extended hours during the weekend leading up to Thanksgiving.
PS. We will not be able to change or adjust orders after October 1. Customers are welcome to add to their orders but any final adjustments can be made at the shop when they are picking up the order.

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We Won Westender’s Best Butcher 2017

We Won Westender’s Best Butcher 2017

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