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4110 Main Street
Vancouver, BC V5V 3P7
604 872 5635
Mon to Sat 9am to 6pm
Sunday 12 to 6pm

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Windsor Meat Club

Windsor Meat Club - Save on meat!
Introducing Windsor’s “Meat Club”

A great new way to share meat by using the power of community. Partner with your friends or neighbours and buy our free range, hormone free beef, bison, lamb and pork in bulk.

Whether you are a meat connoisseur or just looking for a great deal on meat, joining the Windsor Meat Club will allow you to get premium quality meat with custom cuts tailored for you.

The Rules of Meat Club

Get together with your friends, neighbours or other meat lovers, order a fore quarter, hind quarter or full side of meat and start sharing today!
Here are the animals available for Meat Club purchase.

  • beef
  • pork
  • lamb

Visit or call our store and just tell us what you need along with a 50% deposit. We will contact you when it arrives and arrange a pick-up date.

Product Sizes Available

Fore Quarter – beef
Hind Quarter – beef
Full Side:

Windsor Meats, Meat Share Club, Big Savings When You Buy Beef In Bulk



Custom Cuts Made To Order

With the Windsor Meat Club you are getting premium cuts of steak, roasts, stewing cubes, etc. for a set price per pound for the whole section. Therefore, every cut costs the same per pound whether it is prime rib or ground beef.

After the animal arrives we can even age it for you at no extra charge! That’s another benefit of the Meat Club. We have the room in our large cooler to age your beef or bison, giving your quality meat an added boost of flavour and incredible tenderness.

Value Added Options

Would you like us to process some of your beef, pork, bison or lamb into sausages, bacon, corned beef or cooking lard?
We can do that for you too!
For a fee, we can customize your order to include succulent hand made sausages and other goodies. Just call us for details.

A Great Deal

You can satisfy your inner carnivore, eat healthy, quality, free range meats by joining the Windsor Meat Club.

Place your orders using any one of these methods:

  1. Call us at 604-872-5635 (Mon. to Sat. 9am to 6pm: Sun. noon to 6) or
  2. Use the contact form on our web site below.

Due to the volatility of the of the beef market at present, we are regularly forced to adjust the per pound price of sides and quarters of beef. If you are interested in buying bulk beef, call the shop and we will be able to give you a quote that reflects the current market situation. We apologize for any inconvenience but this is the only way we can offer a fair price.