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Windsor Holiday Features

Holiday Meat Features From Windsor Meats

windsor holiday turkey


Hello meat lovers!

We get crazy busy during the holidays and in order to accommodate everyone we are cutting off special orders on Dec. 18th. Everything else is first come first served.
*Want to speed up the line up? Use cash please.

Thank you for understanding and happy holidays!!!



  • Grain Fed $3.99/lb 10-25 lbs
  • Skye Hi Fraser Valley Free Range $4.99/lb 10-18 lbs
  • Turkey Breast Roll $11.99/lb
  • Turkey Thigh Roll $9.99/lb
  • Turkey Thigh & Breast Roll $10.99/lb

When ordering your turkey, it’s best to order in 3 lb increments.

Turducken Base Free Range Package

Our Free Range Package consists of a free range, hormone free turkey from Skye Hi farms in the Fraser Valley, a free range duck and a Maple Hills hormone free chicken. The combined weight is around 12 to 14 lbs for $200. This is usually enough to feed about 12 to 15 people. (All turduckens must be prepaid in advance.)

Additions, $5 Each*

  • *Sausage stuffing, your choice of classic pork or Italian (Gluten Free)
  • *Seasoned bread stuffing
  • $10. Bacon wrapped around the outside of the turkey, strips across breast


  • Johnston’s Smoked Hams $3.99 /lb (Approx. 22lbs whole, or half or quarter) For boneless, add $2/lb
  • Gelderman Ham (vegetable diet, antibiotic free, Abbotsford based) $5.99 /lb (Approx. 22lbs whole, half or quarter) For boneless, add $2/lb
  • Green Ham/Pickled/Gammon Ham Raw $5.99 /lb bone in, rind on. $10.99/lb boneless skinless.

Prime Rib, Goose, Duck

  • Prime Rib $16.99 /lb
  • Dry Aged Prime Rib $29.99 /lb
  • Goose $9.99/lb (limited supply, first come first served)
  • Duck $6.99 /lb

Christmas Favourites

(Large quantities will be pre made and available at the shop but they are sold on a first come first served basis. We cannot do custom orders on these items.)

  • stuffing
  • gravy
  • rillettes
  • terrines
  • house made cranberry sauce
  • duck confit
  • mince meat pies
  • mince meat
  • tourtieres
  • butter tarts
  • cheeses

Gift Certificates

windsor gift certificate

Don’t know what to get your meat lover for the holidays? How about a Windsor gift certificate? Available in any denomination.


Try a $100 Gift Basket which includes a $50 Freezer Pack Gift Certificate as well as your choice of great pantry stuffers in an insulated Windsor tote bag.

Feeding Directions


  • 1-1.5 Lbs per Person
  • 10 lbs 5-10+ ppl
  • 11-16 lbs 8-14+ ppl
  • 17-20 lbs 13-18+ ppl
  • 21-24 lbs 17-23+ ppl
  • 25+ lbs  23+ ppl

Hams 22-24lb

  • whole 20+ ppl
  • Half (½) 8-12+ ppl
  • Horseshoe (1/4) 5+ ppl

Prime Ribs
1 Bone for every 2 ppl with leftovers or single serve for big eaters.
Fat Cap available on request.

How to Order Our Items

Phone during business hours, Mon. to Sat. 9am – 6pm, Sun.12-6pm: 604-872-5635

Short on time? Bring cash!!! This will speed up your purchase time.

NOTE: We need about 3 days notice to prep turduckens and other specialty items for you. Final order date for turkeys and turduckens is December 18th.


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