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Gourmet Raw Dog Food

windsor gourmet dog food

Windsor has a soft spot for your pets, too. Our customers with dogs already know that all they need to do is ask  and their butcher will provide a tasty bone for their pooch waiting outside. But did you know we also carry premium, house-made raw pet food for cats and dogs?

Wholesome and nutritious, raw dog food is a diet consisting of a full scale of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, necessary fatty acids, high complex carbohydrates and proteins made from quality meat with fruit and vegetable trimmings.

Beef Recipe

Contains beef trimmings of ~60% beef with the rest consisting of pork, lamb, fish and bonemeal. Our Windsor Blend dog food is rounded out with vegetable content such as carrots, beets, spinach and yams – full of all the good stuff, with no fillers.

100% Chicken

Contains chicken meat, cartilage and bone.

We still occasionally produce our own Windsor Custom Blend. Ask for availability. Windsor pet food is  a sound and affordable choice for your pet.