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Have You Got Your Easter Turkey Yet?

Get Your Easter Order In Early!

windsor holiday turkey

  • Grain Fed  12-25 lbs
    Free range JD Farms  11-20 lbs
  • Grannies 3-5kg
  • Turkey Breast Roll
  • Turkey Thigh Roll
  • Turkey Thigh & Breast Roll

When ordering your turkey, it’s best to order in 2 lb increments.

Base Free Range Package
Our Free Range Package consists of a free range, hormone free turkey from Skye Hi farms in the Fraser Valley, a free range duck and a Maple Hills hormone free chicken. The combined weight is around 13 to 14 lbs for $200. This is usually enough to feed about 12 to 15 people. (All turduckens must be prepaid in advance.)

Additions, $5 Each

  • Sausage stuffing, your choice of chorizo or Italian
  • Bread stuffing
  • Bacon wrapped around the outside of the turkey, strips across breast


  • Johnstons Ham
  • Gelderman Ham (vegetable diet, antibotic free, Abbotsford based)
  • Green Ham/Pickled Raw

Prime Rib, Goose, Duck

  • Prime Rib
  • Dry Aged Prime Rib
  • Goose  (limited supply, first come first served)
  • Duck

Feeding Directions
1-1.5 Lbs per Person
10 lbs 5+ ppl
11-16 lbs 7+ ppl
17-20 lbs 10+ ppl
21-24 lbs 15+ ppl
25+ lbs 20+ ppl

Hams 22-24lbs
whole 20+ ppl
Half (½) 10+ ppl
Horseshoe (1/4) 5+ ppl

Prime Ribs
1 Bone for every 2 ppl with leftovers or single serve for big eaters.
Fat Cap avaliable on request.

How to Order
Phone during business hours, Mon. to Sat. 9am – 6pm, Sun.12-6pm: 604-872-5635
Short on time? Bring cash!!! This will speed up your purchase time.

NOTE: We need about 2 days notice to prep turduckens and other specialty items for you.

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