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Vancouver, BC V5V 3P7
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63 Acres Beef in Vancouver

Windsor carries the 63 Acres brand of local premium beef naturally raised without any added hormones or steroids.

Grass fed and grain finished 63 Acres beef has excellent marbling, texture and taste. All cattle are from local farms in the BC southern interior.

63 Acres beef are treated humanely and allowed to roam freely and graze on grass and vegetation around them. Their diet is supplemented with grain as they age for better marbling and tenderness. No animal bi products, chemicals or growth hormones are used.

The combination of quality diet, humane conditions and the ideal beef growing climate of southern BC – low humidity, lots of sunshine and plenty of locally grown grass, hay and corn make for the consistent quality and superior taste of 63 Acres beef.

We carry all cuts at Windsor, including 63 Acres steaks and the following sections.

  • top sirloin
  • ribeye steak
  • tenderloin
  • flatiron
  • inside round
  • eye of round
  • brisket
  • shoulder roast
  • short ribs
  • ground beef

Wondering where to buy 63 Acres beef and steaks in Vancouver? Come to Windsor!

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